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The 21st Intercontinental Youth Soccer Tournament Sardinia Cup ended, which took place at the Stadium in Assemini. The event, coming to the 21st edition, saw the comparison of all teams from Sardinia, France and Australia. The Sardinia Cup saw three Alata teams from France and an Australian team from the Milan Academy of Sidney, who took part in the fifth consecutive year.

Milan Academy Australia is led by Andrea Icardi, former professional footballer of Milan, Atalanta, Lazio And Verona, one of the first Italian footballers to play abroad in Marconi Sidney’s team. The finals saw the prevailing, in the Under 11 category, after a beautiful and fought final finale of the Milan Academy Australia on Guspini-Terralba to penalties for 6-4 after the regular time had ended on 3-3.

In the Under 13 category The French Team of the Alata (team 1) have passed Sigma Cagliari for 2-1, while the third place was won by Alata (team 2).

In the Under 15 Category the win went to Guspini Terralba who beat after an infinite number of penalties for 8-7 Frenchmen in the Alata after regular time ended on 2-2.

At the same time, the Mini Sardinia Cup trophy was also held, which saw the children of ASD Sulcis United prevailing in the Under 11 category, who also won the Fair Play award on local Aiace Telamonio.

All the program of the event, poster, calendar and results are available on the official website at The event is organized by the A.S.D. Aiace Telamonio of Assemini under the auspices of M.S.P. ITALY.

The organization is already addressing next year’s edition (2nd-7th July 2018) and for which applications are already requested from Hungary, Lebanon, Australia, Belarus, Russia, Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Peru, Malta , Serbia, Senegal and many other nations.

Assemini, on July 8, 2017